Monday, January 18, 2016

diversion con amigos

Two weeks into 2016 and good friends have come to visit Mérida from Chicago and Jacksonville. 

GandA with Kori & Jacob

 Below are some inspirations our friends have left upon me:
  • to continue exploring Merida, and attend more of the free events it offers
  • learn the differences between the local inexpensive food, like a salbute and a panucho
GandA with Adam at Loltun Cave
Adam - Oxkutzcab
GandA, & Adam - Oxkutzcab

  • write poetry 
  • start a meditation practice
George & Adam at Cuzuma cenotes
Walking to the chocolate museum near Uxmal

Shredded chicken wrapped in tortillas covered with mole, and a chopped salad
made by Gosia & Sebastian

  •  try new recipes, and cooking with more local ingredients
  • wear more color
GandA dining with Gosia & Sebastian

Artist in action
Beginning of an archway mural by Gosia

I am grateful for all the wonderful people we know. The love, kindness, humor, music, painting, photography, poetry, style, (and more) they contribute, makes life

Friday, January 1, 2016

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Our amigo Adam is visiting from Chicago.

Feliz Ano Nuevo! 

We crashed Maria's restaurant reservations to share a NY greeting.

 Great time at NY day party at Jerry & Conrad's. Friends, food, and fun.

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Jerry y Linda