Saturday, April 9, 2016

Un día en la vida

(Andrea posting)
It always amazes me how I can start a week with no plans and then, suddenly,  the days fill up. Here is a glimpse at this past week for me:

Monday I had a job interview which was a good experience, even though I didn't get it.
George and I took a guided tour of La Casa Museo Montes Molina, a beautiful, preserved mansion built circa 1902. (Sylvia, you will love this!)
Tuesday I joined a couple of friends for a private yoga session at Maxine's house.
I joined the Merida English Library because I <3 books.
Wednesday I painted on my 'kitchen canvas wall'

Thursday we joined some friends for dinner at an Indian restaurant Saboreando Comida, in Progresso which we all enjoyed.
Friday, I had a foot reflexology session at UK Reflexology because I love alternative treatments. Samantha from the UK is passionate about reflexology and I enjoyed my hour with her.

This was also a sad week for us. We learned that we lost a beloved member of our community.

The social life, the activities, the learning, and adventures have been an amazing life experience for us. But when you make more friends and have more people in your life that you care about, you open yourself to more vulnerability. And truly, the people we have met here, have made it easy to open our hearts.

As I shared in a toast this week, I said that knowing Conrad for the short time of a year was worth more than never moving here or knowing him. George and I both welcomed his charm, humor, and wisdom and that has impacted our lives.

I am proud to be part of a community not only has a lot of fun together, but that rallies around and finds ways to support one another.

With love and in memoriam of Conrad

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