Monday, July 18, 2016


We finally visited Uxmal (pronounced oosh-mal). Uxmal is a World Heritage site that is 78 km from Merida.

I can see why our friends enjoy this archaeological zone. It is much less commercial that Chichen Itza. You can climb up various pyramid steps. They offer guided tours as well, but we just wandered around with the little map. It was pretty mellow, even on a Saturday. Below are various pyramids and structures from Uxmal.

View from top where George climbed.


Pigeon Loft Complex

Pyramid of the Magician

Next we headed to Hacienda Temozon to celebrate our anniversary.
View driving into the Hacienda

Hacienda Temozon

 We were greeted with a cold glass of jamaica juice and a cool, scented face towel.

Our suite was large and luxurious. It had nice amenities, a/c and fans, slippers, robes, bottles of water.... We went out by the pool for awhile, and later enjoyed a nice dinner at the Hacienda restaurant which had excellent food. The guacamole was fantastic, followed by a delicious salmon dinner.

Desayuno was delicious as well. (I know, food, food, food)

 They offer massage services in a 'cenote spa'.
Cenote spa
 There is also an on-site cenote you can take a donkey cart to which is 3.5 km from the hotel. There is a tennis court, and some walking paths.

We learned that President Clinton stayed here in 1999, and President Bush stayed here in 2007.

George and Andrea stayed here in 2016 :)

Hacienda Temozon ( is beautiful and they provide excellent service. In my opinion, this was a very special treat, as it can be expensive to stay at Hacienda's. This was during off-season so the price was lower. (I saw their regular rates start at $450 USD)

It was a wonderful experience, and indeed a feliz aniversario. (Gracias mi esposo)

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