Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Room with Foreign Views

George here.   We finally were able to have our Turkish silk rug framed and hung in an appropriate spot in Casa Ganda.  To me, this signifies the merger of our travel past with our current international experiment.

Astonishingly enough, the colors of this catalog rug match with the pasta tiles and the recently scraped walls.  We are working with light, pastel colors and finding that it gives the whole place a nice, cheery, breezy feel.

I then placed a leather bench beneath it and took this picture looking out from our bedroom.

Pondering the photo a little bit, I suppose it can be open to much mystery.  It feels like you can just sit on the bench in contemplation or you may be attracted to wondering what is to the right or lef of the old white doors.  The rug is indeed from another far away country, resting quietly on the wall of another foreign country owned by foreigners.  For me this begs the question, "What is foreign?"

To some perhaps it means 'fear' and to others 'mystery'.  To us, this means, "This is where we've been. And this is where we are. Who knows the future but let us hope it is interesting!"

Gracias for visiting.

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