Monday, December 14, 2015

Poco a poco

George has finished painting the 'blanco accent' wall portions.

I planted two of our new plants in the new pretty pots.

On Thanksgiving we attended a gathering at Gary and Maria's house and met a nice couple, Hubert and Chantal from Quebec. Last week we spent a nice afternoon showing them our casa, and walking around the zoo, complete with the train ride (so much fun for one peso!), and helado.

I am now learning some verb conjugation in my Spanish lessons. It's fun when I am there, but it takes more discipline to study and practice the rest of the week.

We checked out some events on La Noche Blanca Sat. night (Dec. 12). It was a big city-wide event (like an open studios) with free admission to galleries, museums, theaters, and various performances in parks and plazas. We stopped at La Pantera Negra to see friends Isabelle and Jean-Pierre who have a gallery at their B&B. Then we caught part of an ariel/acrobat performance at the Plaza Grande, and then at the Olympia theater we saw performance art with a musician and two dancers that reminded us of something you would see at Somarts in San Francisco. Events here are often at night and we still not accustomed to staying up very late.

On a different note, we have two hammocks and plan to try sleeping in them overnight. This article provides some good motivation.

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