Tuesday, December 1, 2015

el tiempo vuela

Wow, November flew by without one post! Here are some updates and highlights:

Casa Ganda continues to improve little by little (poco a poco) every day in comfort, appearance, and functionality. It helps that the weather is bit cooler now, and more comfortable without using A/C.

Some of my new activities include weekly Spanish lessons, and attending an English service at Calvary Centro.

We had a doorway closed off to create a new window in the bedroom, and had a cement counter built in the bathroom which is still in progress.

We painted the casita, and new doors were installed. We just need a few finishing touches to have it ready for guests.

We had a great time hanging out with our friends Tess and Roger on their first visit to Mérida! A fun thing we did was attend a party at the English Library. Once we all got a drink, Tess suggested we each go to a different table/group of people and introduce ourselves. So Tess goes to the first full table and joins right in.

Roger, George, and I go to the next table with three people already sitting there, and the three of us join them, which I think was kind of funny. Nevertheless, we all had interesting conversations and met new people. Then it was off to Chaya Maya for dinner a second night in a row.

Thanksgiving day started (for me) with a 'gratitude yoga practice' thanks Adriene.
We made calls to our family in the states and later attended a lovely dinner at the home of of Maria and Gary, with great food and more friends.We have so much to be thankful for (even when I forget on the hard days).

After traveling for a year, we now have a cute home of our own in Mexico, in a city where we have community (so grateful!), and friends coming to visit us soon (yay!). Neither of us could have predicted we'd be here in a million years. No matter how long we decide to spend here, Mérida has been an unforeseen blessing.

We bought some new plants and pots.

And here we are in December. To be continued.

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