Thursday, December 17, 2015

Miércoles Aventura

We took a field trip yesterday. It began at La Pantera Negra B&B with an energy balancing/healing massage by a shaman, Manuel. Actually he does not refer to himself as a shaman (it's just the closest word to use), but more of a wise man with a gift of healing that he loves to share. He worked his magic on our unbalanced bodies and opened the chakras restoring some vitality, energy balance. During my massage, I saw auras for the first time! I saw some blue which Manuel said is a connection with the angels (isn't that sweet?), I also saw some yellow, gray, and white.  When he finished, my eyes and face were brighter, as well as some personal insights I received. I love this kind of stuff.

Afterwards we went to Nolo, a small village, with Manuel and our friend Mario.

George, Manuel, Andrea at tree of life, Nolo
 This is us in front of a 'tree of life' represented by a ceiba tree among Maya. It has a spiny trunk which I scraped my arm on, and Manuel said it is good luck.
These photos are on his Aunt's property, where his Uncle was a revered Shaman.

Next, we stopped at a house which has a cenote in the back. For ten pesos you can go to see, and swim in the cenote. It was cave-like with clear water.

Andrea, Mario, George, at cenote Tixkokob

On our way to a pyramid/archaeological site in Tixkokob, we turned at Hacienda Ticum and found a beautifully renovated hotel, hacienda. The first thing I noticed when we got out of the car was, the quiet! We walked around the property with an employee, Anna, who was very helpful and kind. We also had lunch at the on-site restaurant.

When we left the hacienda it was too late to enter the archaeological park, but we stopped to see where it was and discovered a sisal factory. Sisal is the material used in hammocks from the agave plant, once the 'green gold of Yucatan'.

I am grateful for these opportunities for new experiences and adventures. Yucatan has such lovely villages and beautiful architecture, and beauty in the trees, and Mayan skies.
I also love the beauty of simplicity here. It all adds to the appreciation of living in Merida, enjoying our casa, and being part of an engaging community. La vida es buena.

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